Who is Celtycs

“At Celtycs, we are passionate about enabling organisations to deliver a lasting smile on every consumer of their products and services through exceptional customer service.”

Celtycs was conceived and founded in 2002 to help companies strategize, develop and deploy customer management solutions across their business processes. Celtycs is based in Bangalore, India and has serviced more than 70 global customers that include Fortune 50 companies, top 5 Indian telecom operators, global contact centres, private equity firms and business process outsourcers.

Celtycs adopts a unique result-driven approach that involves an analysis of the business need, customer management strategy definition and the execution of the strategy across the people, process and technology dimensions using its proprietary methodologies and tools.

Celtycs is part of a very successful global alliance called LimeBridge™. The alliance has 8 member companies from 8 countries around the globe – including Australia, France, Germany, India, Japan, Sweden, U.K. and the U.S.A. Collectively we have served over 150 companies from around the globe and our customers have included marquee names from Banking, Insurance, Travel, Telecom, Technology, Travel and Utilities.

Celtycs and the LimeBridge global alliance deliver world class solutions including:

•  Creating and Implementing Customer Service Strategy
•  Listen and Act on Customer feedback
•  Benchmark the Service Experienced by your Customer
•  Self Service Design
•  Improve Contact Center Performance
•  Deploy the Right number of Resources at the Right Place at the Right Time
•  Make Internal Quality Monitoring an Early Indicator of Customer Experience
•  Optimise Cost of Customer Acquisition and Service

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