Chief Customer Officer Forum

Providing world-class customer service is not an easy task. It’s a complex and demanding role with constantly changing targets and objectives. Yet, despite their critical to the business, many executives responsible for customer operations find themselves isolated – the lone advocate for the voice of the customer in their organisation. This isolation prevents many executives from getting the most out of the experience of others in a similar position to them in other organisations.


Take the test

Ask yourself: are you reducing unit costs without cutting customer satisfaction? Are you applying best practice in customer service in other industries and other countries? Are you getting value for money from your technology, your staff and your customer data? Is your organisation fast and simple to buy from and deal with? Is customer experience ‘Top of Mind’ for your CEO? If you can answer ‘Yes’ to all of these questions then you’re probably running the best customer operations in the world. If you can’t, then you stand to gain a lot from the Chief Customer Officer Forum.


What is this Forum?

Like the ancient Roman Forum, the Chief Customer Officer Forum is a place for leaders to meet, discuss the future and improve their professional working lives. It’s a place where the best and brightest can exchange ideas, learn new techniques, share knowledge, and in so doing, rise to the top of their profession. Members of the forum have a unique opportunity to hear about the latest developments and most successful techniques in customer management, both from other members and from customer service leaders in India and overseas. The Forum is run by and dedicated to people just like you: people in senior executive roles who share a passion for improving the experience they give their customers; people who are shaping the future of the way organisations relate to their customers.

Did we arouse some curiosity about this forum? Great! just check the below presentation for more information or contact us 

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